My Momma

The last time I saw my Momma was just a couple weeks before she went to live in an Alzheimer’s home. We were celebrating her birthday along with my grand-daughters 1st birthday. After Church our growing family all gathered together in a hall in a small little town in far North Canada. Everyone streamed in carrying dishes and trays of food. There couldn’t be a gathering of Gibson’s without lots of good food.
My oldest daughters had spent hours in the early morning hours decorating, why it was as pretty as the wedding receptions when I was a kid. The grandkids now all grown come in stopping to give each other a hard time about something or another. And goodness how many great grandkids were all running around after having to sit quietly in morning Church service?
The men tend to back off and stay well out of the way of the kitchen. Us, Gibson girls can get a bit worked up when when there work to be done on a big dinner celebration. Us older girls can be quite good at telling the younger girls what and how to do things. Momma is there hovering around not really remembering what she should do, but feels the need to always be busy. Aww the sink, that is a comfortable task and makes her feel like she is contributing.
Who’s birthday is it Momma asks again? “Why it is yours momma” my sister says. “It is?” Momma replies yet again. We sit and enjoy all the wonderful food with Momma never quiet sure of what is really going on. She is enjoying watching all the little ones run around, especially Aleya born just a year ago on her birthday. Momma calls her “My Baby” and she just lights up when Aleya is around.
The pictures come out, we had decided to put together a slide show thinking that momma would enjoy some old pictures. Oh yes, she remembers, yet she struggles to get the names. Even Daddy is sometimes the man she lives with because the name just won’t come out anymore. We laugh and remember the various times growing up.
It has been a great afternoon and time for Daddy to get Momma home. But wait she is worrying about getting the dishes done and no one is watching ‘My baby” We all reassure her everything is taken care of and she needs to get
Daddy on home.
I knew the next time I come to visit she’d be in a home. But watching from a distance the struggles of my family adjusting to Daddy living alone, Momma continued confusion and the normal craziness of their own lives sure has made me feel quiet helpless.
I’m proud of my family, reports are that Momma is the most visited woman in the home. Last mother’s day everyone gathered after Church at the home. Violins were brought, a piano found and music was played. IPhones are good for something, I get to hear my son-in-law, nieces and grand-daughter entertain Momma. with all that music I’m sure the singing erupted too.
My sister, Stephanie has her hands full with her own family. But every morning she stops next door to have coffee with Daddy. After 50+ years with Momma tending to his every need, even before he knew he had the need, he has really gone through some tough adjustments. My sister makes sure he has what he needs and tries to fill the void of Momma no longer being by his side.
Tamera, my oldest daughter has a very busy household with 3 little ones. Well, Riasa is getting quiet grown up these days but still keeps Tamera busy with school activities and music lessons. Yet she drives an hour several times a week to see Momma. And once the kids are all settled for the night, she remembers nite time is a hard time of the day for Daddy. As tired as she might be after a long day, she’ll make that phone call to help an old man feel a little less lonely.


Way up there in the far North life in Canada is quiet busy in the spring, summer and fall. Even though the time is short they must take advantage of every waking moment in their farm community. Yet all the grandkids manage to stop by and see momma and of course there is Daddy to look after too. I hear about my daughter-in-law, Selah’s wonderful roast beef and Paul and Greg keep him up on all the farm news. He just loves talking shop with Andrew and well Sarah now she is a special one, he says. He isn’t much for complements and rarely says thank you. But they all still take time to see that he get a good meal and some talking time. And they have all heard the stories many times over and over.
In the winter they still drive the road with all the kids to go see momma despite -40 degrees weather. They’ll pick up Momma and take her with them while they do their weekly shopping so she might be able to get out and have a change of scenery.
I’ve even heard my brother-in-law has been known for stopping in to see Momma when he is in town picking up supplies. Bethany and Jordana stop in now and then and do Momma hair, making her feel special. Everyone does something to contribute.
You see Momma has taken care of others all her life. She never thought to do anything else. Over the years as she has been limited by this disease but as long as she can be busy washing dishes, ironing, hoeing weeds or holding a baby she is happy. I’ve never known my Momma to have idle hands. I have never seen her take it easy because she was sick. She has always been happiest when she is serving others.
Gibson family pics 003
So on this Mother’s Day, Thank you Momma for all your patience, time and love. I will never forget you taking a dress apart multiple times to get it just the way I wanted it. And you did it with such patience! Thank you for for sticking up for me when David was picking on me and I got fed up and threw his brand new cowboy hat in the horse trough. I was sure I was going to be in BIG trouble, instead you busted out laughing at a boy 5 years older than me coming to my Momma to tell on me. 
Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I feel the need to make pies because it brings back memories. You made the pies for all the family get-togethers. It is a part of you giving to your family. Stephanie gave me one of the pie plates you always made pies in. And this past Christmas I made a coconut pie in it. I can still taste the cherry pie you always made for my birthday, tart not to sweet. One of the best complements Daddy ever gave me was after eating a piece of my pumpkin pie he said, ” Why that is almost as good as your Mother’s” Coming from Daddy that was some praise, nobody could cook like you. Happy Mother’s Day Momma!
Happy Mother’s Day! Stephanie,Tamera, Selah and Sarah
Thank you for taking time from your families to serve Momma and Daddy.
It is exhausting and frustrating but you are now serving her as she has served you and your husbands. Your kids are watching you and learning of the hardship and rewards of serving others. I know there is rarely a Thank you, But when you are tired remember I am always thinking and praying for you all. You are doing one of the most important but least recognized jobs there is. I love you all and I’m so proud of you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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We Must Educate Our Kids!

I’m a mom who wants to instill good healthy habits into her children. Because I believe life is a gift and we all have a purpose to fulfill in this world. Our bodies are just like our home or a car if you don’t take care of yourself, you start to get worn and break down. How can you be happy, lead a full life fulfilling your purpose if you are constantly dealing with one health issue after another?

I often get quiet frustrated with those that educate and work with kids. The examples they set make a huge impression on kids.  Today that is so important because American kids are sicker than they have ever been. Our society is so bombarded by synthetic food, chemicals and GMO’s that it is a struggle to be healthy these days.

Did you know public schools aren’t allowed to educate or even talk about “Genetically Modified Organisms”? There are groups that that push to educate our kids and are working to get GMO’s out of the school cafeterias, but biotech and big agriculture have too much of a hold on our government. Children are the future and they want to make sure they have as much influence on our kids as possible.

Did you know school curriculums and Disney push GMO’s as beneficial to feed the world and solving the so-called food shortages? Yes, Disney in their Epcot center has been growing GMO’s since the mid 1990’s. They have a 2-acre facility that is sponsored by Nestle called, “Living With The Land”. Some of the GMO food that is grown at Epcot is served at the resort’s restaurants. Their whole purpose is to brainwash kids into thinking GMO’s will solve world problems.

mickeypunk1I find that so hard to stomach! Most of you that know me, think I’m nuts because I have censored Disney for years. I do not like Disney and what Disney represents, they do not care about your children! And I don’t believe for one second they are harmless. You go ahead and look up Epcot’s Living With The Land” and the headlines is “Mickey Mouse Sustainable Farming” and the 1st picture is a manipulated pumpkin in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

The definition of sustainable is, how biological systems remain diverse and productive. For some reason Mickey Mouse pumpkins doesn’t fit in with sustainability for me. In fact it’s insulting that Disney would call this facility “Living With The Land”! Living with the land is not changing nature but working with nature. Man is so arrogant; they actually believe they can improve nature.

Disney’s attempt at education our kids, quickly has turned to brainwashing by big biotech and big agriculture companies such as Monsanto. Our kids do need to be educated but real education on Health and Food will not come from any source that the government, biotech, pharmaceuticals or big agriculture is involved in. It is up to us as parents to take back our job and teach our selves and our kids what real food is and the healthy way to eat. We need to take back the control of our health!

It starts at the local farm that works with nature not against nature. It is bringing that local fresh food straight to your home not to a processing plant. It is retraining your taste buds to appreciate real food and not the addictive taste of chemicals that was created in a lab to be highly addictive. We need to teach our children food is meant to fuel our bodies. Food wasn’t meant for entertainment or comfort, but for nourishment. Without nourishment our bodies break down and don’t function properly.

Let’s us get back to the basic and use food to make our bodies whole again.






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Your Food Has A Huge Impact On Your Genes

Food provides much more than just fuel for your body. Food is also medicine! Those little tiny molecules in your food gives instructions to every cell in your body, instructing those cell what they need to do.

-More than 95% of chronic illness is not related to your genes, but to what these genes are exposed to in your lifetime.

Isn’t that Wonderful!! This means that you almost have complete control over your health! So next time you put something in your mouth, ask yourself “How does this affect my genes”?

Treat your body with respect and kindness for it is a temple. Being in a food coma from eating sugar, junk food, having your brain hijacked by super processed, super-additives and chemical laden food products prevent you from fully functioning in body, mind and spirit.

If the food you eat is making you sick, unfocused, sluggish so that you are only partially living your life, you are throwing away one of the greatest gifts God has given your LIFE!

994640_763921986956396_1700563628_nIf you nourish yourself with real, high quality food you will not only increase your energy, lose weight, and reverse chronic illness but you will also be much more motivated, your mood will lift and your brain will have more clarity and your life will take on more meaning and purpose.

Most really don’t know what real food is anymore. Our cooking has been left to the food industry. Heating up a prepackaged meals or eating at a restaurant is the norm. Our children don’t know what raw food looks like or where it comes from. They are shocked to learn chicken doesn’t come from McDonalds in little round nuggets.

Food has the power to heal us, but eating processed chemical food like products, is doing us a lot of harm. The average American consumes 10lbs of chemicals additives a year.

1525183_793030710712190_1573436767_nWhen you look at a food label and you can’t pronounce the ingredients and you have no idea what they are, that is a very clear sign that you shouldn’t be eating it. These additives are added to create very long shelf life; sometime even years and they are added to change the appearance. We have been conditioned to have perfectly formed and consistently looking food, it must be exact same way every time we purchase it.

Everyone thinks these nice little packages of food are just wonderful, we don’t have to worry about food going bad and it always looks so pretty, fresh and it is so inexpensive. Well, it may be inexpensive when you purchase it, but the real cost of these foods would shock you! They are depleting your body; there is no nutritional value in these foods. You are consuming calories but there is nothing there to feed the cells in your body. Then we are seeing what is happening to our chemical dependent agriculture system and the destruction to our environment.

Did you know 1pound of factory-farmed meat uses 2,000 gallons of water and produces 53 times as much green house gasses as a pound of vegetables?

What we eat not only affects our health but it also affects our entire world. And those effects are a very expensive price to pay for easy, pretty and long lasting food.

Think about what you are putting into your mouth; is there any nutritional value in it? How will it break down in your body and what it that food telling your genes?

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April Is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism awareness month. There are plenty of those recognizing and working hard to raise funds for those families that deal with Autism every day.

Texas-autism-rates-toxins1Statistics are 1 in every 68 children in the US are diagnosed with Autism. That is a 78% increase between the years 2002 and 2012!

Why? What has happened to cause this rise in Autism? There are many theories such as vaccines, pesticides, toxins from plastics, heavy metals, toxins in food and the air we breathe all are thought to contribute to autism. All of these theories have scientifically been directly linked with Autism.

“Awareness” In all the ads I have seen asking for people to support Autism awareness have all been about donating money. I haven’t seen what Moms to be or Mothers of young children can do to prevent Autism. You could say, well nothing has been proven to absolutely prevent Autism. Yes, you are correct, however there are many things that can be done to reduce the chances developing Autism. I’d like to see how we can reduce Autism widely publicized, making sure we are “Aware of what we can do to reduce our exposure”.

578acfc36Our kids are raised in a chemical society. We are drenched in pesticides, plastics, petroleum products, synthetic food, and chemical drugs. From the air we breathe to the chemical fire retardant chemical mattress we sleep on at night, we are saturated in toxins.

These Toxins are deadly to developing brains of unborn babies as well as young children and even adults. So why aren’t we aware of the harm these toxins can cause and what we can do to avoid these toxins? Why aren’t we demanding these toxins be removed from our society?

We have slowly let big chemical companies sell us these products over the years. As a society we have come to accept these man-made chemicals as normal. Most even believe they protect us. Why they couldn’t possibly be harmful every store carries them on their shelves.

We don’t even realize how these toxic products affect our world or us.

For the past couple of weeks rescuers have been search the ocean for the Malaysia flight 370. The extent of the garbage in the ocean is overwhelming and is causing much frustration. The world has been using the oceans as a garbage dump; in turn our oceans have become plasticized. An example would be   ”The great pacific garbage patch”, which is a giant plastic island said to be twice the size of Texas.

This is a perfect example of how we choose to ignore a huge problem that greatly affects our health. Eating just about anything from the oceans today will be laced with deadly toxins.

If we want to really become Autism Aware we need to look at how our world has changed in the past 30 years. Our kids deal with diseases and syndromes that were rarely seen or not even in existence 30 years ago. That alone tells you something.

You don’t have to feel hopeless, there are lots you can do to reduce the chances of Autism or even other new diseases.

  • Eat Organic food; know where it comes from and how it was raised.
  • Drink filtered water.
  • Do not cook with plastic or store food in plastic; avoid plastic as much as possible.
  • Do not use aluminum to cook with. Check your body care and food products for aluminum too.
  • Use air filters in your home.
  • Don’t use chemical cleaners in your home; there are great natural alternatives.
  • Don’t use pesticides and chemical fertilizers; there are good natural alternatives.
  • Don’t use or wear treated fabrics, fire retardants are deadly to developing brains. Wrinkle free fabrics are also treated with toxins. Use natural fabrics.
  • Use natural products on your skin, if you can’t eat it don’t use it on your body.
  • Be very cautious with medications, man-made chemical medication can be the worst offenders of toxins that damage the brain of developing children.
  • Fresh cooking herbs are great detoxers. Use often, example cilantro attracts heavy metals removing them from your body.

Start where you can and slowly make these changes. Even small changes can make a difference.

Today there is no absolute answer to stomping out Autism. But all the items I mentioned have been linked directly to this awful disease. And that is all it take for me to avoid heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, chemical medications and various toxins.

So PLEASE make yourself more Aware of dangerous toxins in your everyday life. And take steps to remove those toxins.

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Struggles I Have With Our Educational System

imagesThis school year has been very disturbing for a number of reasons. I have found it very difficult to be as objective as I would like due to the fact that I feel my children have been very shortchanged.

I live in a very good school district and my children go to one of the best elementary schools in the state. The School’s test scores are quite impressive. The parent participation is amazing. And the standards are set quite high. What more could I possibly want?

With all these impressive scores and high standards, the individual child really doesn’t matter. The top priority is about keep the schools high testing scores, not what the children are learning or if the child’s needs are being met.

As a parent I saw a problem area with one of my kids and quickly brought it to the attention of the teacher, and then the counselor. My thinking was let’s  nip this in the bud so it doesn’t become a problem. But no, the school isn’t testing on that subject this year so it will be ok. Now that we are ¾ of a way through the year they have decided it may be a problem…….you think!

Now, don’t get me wrong; there are some wonderful teachers at this school. But I see so many of them handicapped with the system. They are required to all be uniformed in their teaching and each child must be treated the same. Geez, but each child’s needs are so different, how does that work? I have twins and I have to treat them completely different to meet their needs.

The truth of the matter is, it DOESN’T work. Kids are not learning to think for them selves, but are learning to do the expected and be a follower. They are not encouraged to be creative or think outside the box so that they can excel with their own natural talents.

Really I shouldn’t be surprised, public school is run by our governmental system. With all the egos and fraud within this system it is not surprising that our kids best interest is not top priority. Despite my tax dollars paying for this system my concerns as a parent have been brushed aside over and over this year. I have felt patronized and even told it was not my job to worry about my child, I was told I was far too busy and shouldn’t be bothered with school issues. Are you kidding me, that is my job! And this year has proven to me over and over that no one know what is best for my kids better than me. And no one will give my kids what is best for them in a school system; they will do what is best for their system.

Despite living in a highly educated community with top ranked schools, my child isn’t fitting into the perfect little mold the public system wants. Maybe that is a good thing. I have very opinionated strong willed children that can drive me nuts at times, but I can pretty much guarantee that these character traits that are causing them problems in school will make them strong successful adults.

These issues also cause me to take my responsibilities as a parent more seriously. I can’t and won’t just turn their education over to a poorly run governmental system so I can sit back and take it easy. No it is my responsibility to make sure they have the tools they need to make a good life for themselves.










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Shopping bags, MonbiotI just read an article by Mom concerned about how “Materialism” is affecting her children.

She feels that American companies are irresponsible in marketing to kids through TV and radio media and goes on to say that the government should regulate these companies on how they can market their products.

I too have concerns with the messages my children get from TV and the radio, my solution is simply to turn it all off or record only the programs I feel my children can benefit from watching.

Controlling my Children’s environment is my job as a parent. It is my job to teach my kids that all the “stuff” in the world is just that  “stuff” the latest sneakers, or the hottest label will not change their life for the better. In fact it can do the opposite by becoming a financial burden and it can negatively affect their emotional state if you believe certain products can bring greater happiness.

But in order to teach this to your Children you must 1st understand this holds true for yourself as well. There is a big difference between need and want. What does the average American really need these days? In reality not much, come on now seriously how many handbags can you possibility need. How many pieces of clothing are in your closet that may have never been worn or worn only once?

Let us get real here. A company manufactures a product, in order to make money and to stay in business they have to market and sell it. That doesn’t mean you have to listen to the marketing or buy into their message. We need to grow up here and be responsible; we don’t have to expose our children to any of these messages. As our children enter school and are exposed to other kids that have bought into the media advertisements it will be no problem if we are living by the principles we want our kids to adhere to.

Our kids are great sponges and will soak up everything you teach them about materialism especially if we are living what we are teaching them.  I personally feel about 95% of what is on TV rots brain mass, whether it be commercials or the programs. So we choose to watch very little TV.

We choose to give our children the gift of old fashion creative play, reading or games that exercises their brains, instead of allowing their brains to be brainwashed by the media. By choosing a lesser acceptable form of entertainment we have a better opportunity to help our kids understand that “stuff” doesn’t bring happiness. But happiness comes from within and how they value themselves as people.

Our country is struggling and a big part of the problem is the lack of accountability and responsibility. Spending without responsibility only brings hardship. So ask yourself, do you really need that purchase or do you just want it? Is it a responsible purchase? The 1st step starts right in your own home and it is all in your control.


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The Surprising Prickly Pear

Prickly_Pear_Cactus_3_I grew up in the South Western desert of Arizona and as a kid I was always getting full of cactus stickers.

The prickly pear can be down right annoying, they grew everywhere and had the fine hair like stickers that when you tangled with one, oh my gosh were they a bear to get out. And most of the time you didn’t get all the fine hair like stickers out and the area would become all inflamed.

I knew cactus and plants of the desert could be potent medicine. I went thorough a time when I was very young of studying Indians and their native ways. The Aztecs considered the Prickly Pear a food fit for warriors and royalty.  It is no wonder they did, as one of the benefits of eating Prickly Pear is that it will boost your stamina.

Prickly Pear actually has many good health benefits. One of the more interesting uses for the cactus is in the treatment of diabetes. Prickly Pear is a very low glycemic yet high fiber food. It lowers blood sugar levels, helping to keep obesity and diabetes from developing. A single dose of Prickly Pear can decrease sugar levels by 17 to 46%!

The Prickly Pear is also loaded with antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation and deterring the formation of plaque on your blood vessel walls.  This cactus is loaded with potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and includes 8 essential amino acids that our bodies don’t produce.

The prickly Pear was also use medicinally in other ways as well. The pads can be used to stop bleeding and treat burns. It was common to make poultice from the gel inside the pad and use as a moisturizer and it protect the skin from sunburn. It was often used as a pain reliever and promoted healing.

Infused into a tea Prickly Pears was used to treat urinary tract infections and build up their immune system. This amazing prickly plant is full of wonderful suprises.

No matter what part of the world you are in or what the terrain might be, look around; you could be looking at some powerful medicinal plants, which also contain a surprising amount of nutrition.





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Kids and Caffeine

imagesAt first glance it appears there appears to be exciting news, “Soda sales are dropping” Yippee consumers are final realizing how toxic sodas are, according to a recent study American are on track to drink 3.5 gal less per person this year.
Whoa, That is pretty substantial!

My excitement starts to fade as I keep reading article after article, kids are consuming less soda but it is being replaced with Coffee and energy drinks.

Consequently, Just this week at the grocery store I saw a Mom ordering large coffee drinks for her 2 boys that appeared to be around 7-8 years old. I couldn’t believe it….geez if my kids had caffeine I’d go insane! I can’t begin to understand why a parent would do that to themselves much less to their kids.

Quite frankly it seems extremely irresponsible and foolish!

Caffeine we all know is a stimulant. Once consumed it enters the blood stream within 15 minutes and can take up to 12-14 hours to be totally eliminated from your system. In the mean time the heart rate and blood pressure rises and kids become anxious. It also changes their body temperature and gastric juices. As if our poor kids don’t already have enough stomach issues with all the process food out there.

What most don’t realize is how much caffeine an average child consumes in a day with out adding in coffee. One Coke contains 64 milligrams of caffeine. An energy drink can contain up to 300 mg of caffeine. And there are many hidden sources of caffeine such as in chocolate and medications.

Kids are developing sleep disturbances, behavior problems, they become dehydrated and to top it off, most if not all of their caffeine consumption is loaded with sugar which magnifies the issue and adds additional health problems.

Kids can overdose on as little as 1g of caffeine, experiencing tremors, nausea, vomiting, seizures and rapid heart rate.

Caffeine is a DRUG! It’s very accepted and common but still a drug! I get so frustrated with the energy drinks that are so heavily marketed to preteens and teenagers. Heck you can even find them sold in some school’s vending machines. Starbucks is another draw for kids; my 8-year-old daughter tells me all the girls get coffee drinks from Starbucks.

Energy drinks sponsor all the really cool sports. My kids have recognized the logos of most energy drinks since they were very little. And we rarely see commercials.  The Logos are plastered all over the athletes. Unless you sit and talk with your kids they can’t help but be confused. These athletes do NOT drink this garbage; they do however make a lot of money from these products.

Parents beware of what in in the beverages your kids are drinking. Caffeine can cause some serious health issues. Don’t let the commercialism of what the cool drinks are today, get ahold of your kids and destroy their health.

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Healthy Juicing and Smoothies

imagesIt is exciting to see all the buzz about juicing and smoothies. I’ve even heard people talking about doing smoothies that haven’t really been concerned with improving their health.

Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram are filled with different combinations for juicing and blending smoothies. There is no disputing the fact that greens are great at fighting cancer. Consuming fruits and vegetables in this way (raw) increases the enzymes that heal; they not only heal your gut but also allow you to absorb all the nutrients in found in your raw fruits and veggies. These are the very nutrients that your cells need to rejuvenate themselves.

Consuming raw organic veggies through juicing or in smoothies is powerful! This is a very concentrated way to get maximum nutrients. “Foods Heal” But people have a hard time believing that because they can’t and won’t say it in commercials or on the network news.

But don’t get side tracked with all these recipes filled with fruit, various forms of sugar such as maple syrup, honey, agave, and even dried fruits. Sugars cause inflammation!  Yes, even the good sugars from fruit and honey.  And Sugar feed Cancer!

Inflammation is the root cause of ALL health problems and is even the cause of aging.

Whether you are juicing or making a smoothie 70% of it should be from greens. Such as kale, spinach, parsley, swiss chard, collards, turnip greens, mustard greens, broccoli, romaine lettuces and cabbage.

10% from other type of veggies such as celery, zucchini, ginger, peppers, cilantro and etc

10% can then be from fruit. In Juice organic apples and pears are neutral in acid, which is what you want for maximizing the nutritional benefits of a green juice.

In smoothies berries works well, the high antioxidant berries work well with the fiber green smoothies have.

The last 10% in juicing can be lemons or lime and some mint or other herb for flavor. The lemons and limes cut the bitterness some greens have and the mint will add a lot of flavor.

With your smoothies you can use this 10% for added fats such as nuts, coconut oil, flax oil and or other non-sugar add in like CaCao beans, bee pollen, hemp seed, chia seed and etc.

By using this method of juicing and making smoothies you are creating a powerful nutrient filled drink that does heal your bodies at the cellular level.

Juicing and making smoothies with more sugars greatly reduces the health benefits. So if you are adding juicing and smoothies to your daily routine make sure the ingredient you use are truly beneficial to you and enjoy!

My favorite Juicing recipe

1 lg bunch of organic kale

½ organic lemon with peel

1 inch of fresh ginger

1 cup of organic cilantro

3-4 stocks of celery

1 sm apple


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Organics Are In Huge Demand

Unknown-1This morning I ran across an article on the “Shortage of Organic Food”. Now a 1st reaction might be “oh great organics are difficult enough, now there is a shortage” But wait this mean more people are realizing they don’t want the garbage big agriculture and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s) is producing!

This is actually quite exciting! People are starting to realize all the GMO’s, pesticides, feed lots and chemical filled food is very harmful not only to our bodies but our planet as well.

We recently had two huge food manufactures make a big to-do about taking GMO’s out of their products. Funny enough one of the products never had GMO’s in it in the 1st place. Sound like to me they are realizing people don’t want GMO’s and they want to jump on the bandwagon in their advertising campaigns.

This is a perfect example of voting with your dollars. Both California and Washington State could not get legislation passed requiring labeling of GMO’s on food items, however when people stop buying these products the big companies sit up and take notice.


There is a demand now for sustainable local farms, which will encourage farmers to provide good healthy food to their surrounding communities. Please take advantage and support these hero’s. They can and do provide the most nutritionally dense food you can purchase.

The Farmer that raises meat, eggs and dairy humanely and sustainably is a true hero. He looks to the future and he doesn’t live in the moment of instant gratification. He takes on a hard physical job of providing his community healthy food so that we can eat knowing we are not consuming frankenfood, chemicals and who knows what else. Now that is a hero not some entertainer that has a head that has grown way to big.

So I might have to work a little bit harder to find quality food as more people scramble for organic food, but its just growing pains. More and more farmers will step up to meet the demand and hopefully in the process big industry will realize the days of mass producing products that they call food is a thing of the past.

So keep up the good work, seek out your local farms. Avoid, Avoid purchasing from big manufactures.

Look for local farmers on the following websites….

I do my very best to never purchase from the companies below.  With a little thought and creativity there is no reason to ever do so. Keep voting with your dollars, that is where we have power!!




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